Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What can graphic design reveal about law?

LAWx6 (c) Amanda Perry-Kessaris
I set myself the task of developing at least 10 designs that are each intended to communicate, and facilitate discussion about, a widely perceived characteristic of law. My (self-imposed) constraints were to use no text other than the word ‘law’ within the design, with a short title and background note on the reverse; and that the design must fit on an A5 card.

Final versions of the designs + captions, can be found here.

Draft designs went out for feedback in an online mini show via the links below (and via Twitter @aperrykessaris #apkLAWdesigns) on 6 November:

We know who you are @ 9:00
Citadel @9:30
Lost and found @10:00
Weapon @10:30
Bridge @ 11:00
Iron cage @ 11:30
Autopoietic @ 12:00
Then there were none @ 12:30
Subjective @ 13:30
Line in the sand @ 14:00
Firestarter @ 14:30
Cryptic @ 15:00
Barely there @ 15:30
Trial and error @ 16:00

Send your visual and legal comments via Twitter @aperrykessaris #apkLAWdesigns or email



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