Friday, September 06, 2013

Visualising law using graphic design

In their piece 'Visual Law: What lawyers need to learn from information designers', lawyer Haapio and designer Passera note that
Legal visualization may deal with data, information, or knowledge. While the former two require software tools and coding expertise in order to generate images that represent complex data structures..., knowledge visualization tends to use a more ‘handcrafted’ approach, similar to how graphic designers rather than programmers work.  
Among the range of successful applications of design to law which they cite are:
The UK Parliament offers a number of animations describing its work.

Another recent example is a series of visualisations of Stop and Search by Cat Drew.

Stop and Search by Cat Drew

Those who wish to beyond the visual to the audio-visual, tactile-kinesthetic, auditory and olfactory-gustatory may wish to explore the Multisensory Law & Visual Law Community lead by Colette R. Brunschwig of the Legal Visualisation Unit at the University of Zurich.